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Courseulles jacket with OSS installation

Another success for the Gulliver!

Supported by an extensive in-house experience and know-how of offshore installation works, Scaldis has expanded its impressive track record with the Courseulles jacket with OSS installation.

In close cooperation with client SDI (DEME), the works were succesfully concluded with topside set-down on 28th of March.

Main operations conducted by HLV Gulliver involved pile cleaning, jacket transport in hooks, jacket installation, ROV survey, levelling, grouting and topside installation.

In order to improve operational efficiency and safety or to overcome technical challenges, several solutions were engineered like a Single point lifting tool, remote barge unmooring and in-hook transport of the jacket. All offshore operations were executed on DP.

Lift Crane on vessel Sea Installer

Scaldis is proud to have contributed to the crane upgrade of DEME’s jack-up vessel ‘Sea Installer’.

Scaldis was contracted for the installation of the new 1600t Huisman leg encircling crane for which the HLV “Gulliver” was mobilized to Rotterdam.

The project consisted of 2 phases: in the first phase, the crane was picked up at Huisman yard in Schiedam and put on a barge for further transport to the Maasvlakte.

The second phase comprised the lift and installation on Sea Installer’s new pedestal. Both phases required extreme levels of accuracy, because of various limitations and restrictions, but thanks to the highly professional crew, all operations were executed successfully within the foreseen timeframe.

Docking Gulliver 2023

5 years after entering in service , our specialized 4000 tons HLV Gulliver had her first dry docking in Brest , France.


Installation of 6 water intake and -outlets for the Hinkley Point Project

Scaldis is proud to have safely and successfully concluded the installation of 6 water intake and -outlets for the Hinkley Point Project.