ONE-Dyas Removal Campaign Topside & Jacket of P11-E Platform

Market: Decommissioning
Scope of Work: Engineering, Preparation & Removal (EPR)
Location: Dutch Sector of the North Sea, The Netherlands
Client: ONE-Dyas BV
Periode: September 2023
HLV: Gulliver

ONE-Dyas B.V. has awarded Scaldis the removal and transport of the topside and jacket of the P11-E platform located in the Southern North Sea.

Scaldis successfully removed the topside and jacket and transported the structures safely to the onshore load-in yard in Flushing, for storage, refurbishment and future re-use.

The scope consisted of engineering, preparations, removal and transport of the P11-E platform. Special attention was paid not to damage the platform, as it is planned to be refurbished and reused at another offshore location. The P11-E topside legs were welded to the jacket and all welds were removed by gauging, in order to avoid damage to both topside and jacket. The P11-E jacket was fixed to the seabed by 4 skirt piles, which were dredged and cut internally prior to lifting. During dredging operations, rock dump was encountered in the piles, which was removed using a hydraulic grabbing tool.

The execution of the works was divided in 5 phases:

  1. Removal Plan & Removal Engineering (onshore)
  2. Offshore Preparations
  3. Platform Removal
  4. Seabed cleaning and survey
  5. Transport of platform to client's preferred load-in yard for storage and refurbishment