Orwell, Thurne and Wissey Wellhead Protection Structures Recovery, Dismantling and Disposal

Market: Decommissioning
Scope of work: Wellhead protection structures recovery, dismantling and disposal
Location: UK Sector of North Sea
Client: Tullow Oil SK Limited
Period: Q3 2019
HLV: Gulliver 

Scaldis Scope

Scaldis was contracted for the removal and disposal of the Thames Decommissioning Phase 4 subsea structures by Tullow Oil.

Located in the UK sector of the Southern North Sea at a water depth of 35m, the structures (weighing between 30 and 210 ton) were removed by Gulliver main cranes and crawler crane.

The removal was facilitated by subsea installation of the removal rigging around the structures’ bracing. In addition to the removal of the structures four conductors and a template were removed by means of an ILT.

The structures were secured on deck to pre-installed grillages and transported to the disposal yard in Great Yarmouth, where the structures were dismantled and disposed.