Vulcan & Viking and Bravo Decommissioning Campaign

Market: Decommissioning
Scope of work: Removal, transportation and disposal
Location: Southern North Sea, United Kingdom
Client: Chrysaor E&P Services Limited
Period: 2019 - 2020
HLV: Gulliver 

Scaldis has performed jointly the engineering and preparation phases for the Vulcan & Viking and the removal, transportation and disposal services for the decommissioning of 6 Vulcan & Viking satellites platforms and 2 Viking Bravo platforms situated in the Southern UK North Sea.
The 8 platforms have been removed during the offshore removal campaigns in 2019 and 2020.

Scaldis Scope

An extensive preparation campaign was undertaken to make the platforms ready for removal. These preparations comprised the installation of dedicated hardware required for the removal, such as leg cutting platforms on the leg extensions and trunnions on the topsides main columns. Additionally installation of new lift points, weight shedding and improvements to the structural integrity of the ageing assets were undertaken.

Parallel to the preparation campaign the engineering for removal was undertaken. In-house engineers performed the structural removal assessments that were input for the operational planning and execution of the preparation phase as well as the removal phase.

The removal campaigns of both 2019 and 2020 were split in a topside removal and jacket removal campaign. Two satellites platforms were removed in 2019, both topsides and both jackets were transported in the hooks of the Gulliver. Execution of the 2020 removal campaign saw use of a cargo barge for clustered removal of topsides to the disposal yard. All the campaign jackets and BC topside were transported to the disposal yard in the hooks of Gulliver.