Removal of Camelot CA Platform

Market: Decommissioning
Scope of work: Removal of Camelot CA Platform
Location: North Sea, United Kingdom
Client: Helix Energy Solutions Group Inc.
Period: July 2012
HLV: Rambiz

In 2011 Scaldis was contracted by Helix USA to remove the Camelot platform from the southern part of the North Sea at the end of July 2012. The Camelot platform was located +/- 25 Nm offshore Great Yarmouth in UK waters. Both platform (weight of +/- 1200 tonnes) as well as supporting jacket structure (+/- 700 tonnes) needed to be scrapped at a disposal yard.

Upon arrival of the HLV Rambiz, the deck was cut from the jacket using flame cutting. The jacket piles were dredged to 4 metres below seabed and cut using an internal abrasive water jet cutting tool. The deck was transported on a cargo barge to the scrapping yard. The jacket was lifted from the seabed and transported in the hooks of the HLV Rambiz to the scrapping yard.