Decommissioning of the Welland Platform

Market: Decommissioning
Scope of Work: Decommissioning of the Welland platform 
Location: Southern North Sea, UK
Client: Perenco UK Ltd.
Period: January 2011
HLV: Rambiz

In 2010 Scaldis was contracted by Perenco UK limited to remove the Welland platform from the southern part of the North Sea. The platform was to be re-used, while the supporting jacket structure was scrapped at a disposal yard. The platform needed to be removed in January 2011. In order to minimise the impact of the weather, Scaldis engineered various weather contingency systems so all available weather windows, no matter how short could be used. Upon arrival of the HLV Rambiz, the deck was cut from the jacket using abrasive water jet cutting. The jacket pins were dredged to four metres below seabed and cut using another abrasive cutting tool.

The deck was transported on a cargo barge, refurbished and re-lifted onto a jack-up barge several months later. The jacket was lifted from the seabed and transported in the hooks of the HLV Rambiz to the scrappping yard.