Installation of the OSS of the Kaskasi Wind Farm

Market: Renewable
Scope of work: Topside Installation
Location: German Bight, North Sea, Germany
Client: Bladt Industries
Period: March 2022
HLV: Gulliver 

The Kaskasi offshore wind farm (OWF) is situated in the German Bight, within the German EEZ, approximately 33 km northwest of island Heligoland. Kaskasi OWF is constructed in the priority area for wind energy “Südlich Amrumbank“ and comprises 38 Wind Turbine Generators (WTGs) and one Offshore Sub Station (OSS) over an area of 17.4 km². The Kaskasi OWF will have a nominal capacity of 342 MW

Scaldis Scope

Scaldis was awarded the topside installation contract for the offshore substation of the Kaskasi OWF by Bladt Indus-tries. Bladt Industries had fabricated this 1300 t substation on it’s yard in Aalborg, whereafter it was loaded onto a barge and sailed to the offshore site.

The operation was executed as a single crane lift by HLV Gulliver on DP2. The lower rigging, connected to the top-side’s trunnions, were 30m dyneema grommets.

Scaldis had been involved in similar scope in this area: in 2014 the jackets and substations in the adjacent windfarms (Amrumbank West & Nordsee Ost) were installed with HLV Rambiz.


Picture credits RWE and photographer Matthias Ibeler