Installation of 2 Topsides and 1 Module, Kriegers Flak Windfarm

Market: Renewables and Environmental 
Scope of Work: Installation of 2 topsides and 1 module, Kriegers Flak windfarm
Location: Baltic Sea, Denmark
Client: Energinet.DK
Period: May 2018
HLV: Rambiz

The Kriegers Flak Offshore Wind Farm (OWF) is a large offshore wind farm in the Danish sector of the Baltic Sea. This OWF is built on the Kriegers Flak shallow region, some 15km out of the Danish coast, close to the EEZ of Denmark, Sweden and Germany.
The OWF comprises of 600MW wind turbines in 2 separate areas. An offshore substation for each area will be erected:
Kriegers Flak A (KFA; 200MW) in the western area and Kriegers Flak B (KFB; 400MW) in the eastern area.
Kriegers Flak B includes an extension part denoted KFE so the foundation is denoted KFBE. The offshore substations will act as interconnector for the national grids in the Baltic Sea.

Scaldis Scope

Scaldis was contracted for the installation of both Kriegers Flak substations onto their respective foundations. The KFBE substation comprised 2 structures: first the KFB topside was lifted onto its foundation where after the KFE module was placed onto KFB. Separately also the KFA topside was installed.
Although weight, size and centre of gravity of KFA and KFB was different, Scaldis engineered a generic rigging with soft slings, so rigging was efficiently interchanged between the 2 topsides. The KFE module was lifted in with a dedicated rigging.
Besides the installation of the 3 structures Scaldis executed various pre- and post-installation works.


The Kriegers Flak wind farm is located in the Danish sector of the Baltic Sea and will act as interconnector between the Danish and German power grid. This interconnector project is funded by the European Energy Programme for Recovery.