Transport and Installation of the L6-B Minimum Facility Platform

Market: Oil and Gas
Scope of work: Transport and Installation of the L6-B minimum facility platform
Location: North Sea, The Netherlands
Client: Wintershall Noordzee BV
Period: June 2014
HLV: Rambiz

Wintershall Noordzee B.V. contracted Scaldis Marine Contractors NV to install the L6-B platform, in water 35m deep. The platform is 25NM north west of Terschelling, the Netherlands, in the Dutch sector of the North Sea.

Wintershall and Scaldis jointly developed a methodology that focused on minimising the duration of all offshore activities. This is because the duration of the offshore activities automatically reduces risk and overall costs.

The newly developed methodology covers the transportation and installation of the complete flatform to the site.

The complete platform will be collected from a quayside in Rotterdam by the HLV Rambiz which has a capacity of 3.300 tons. A special tool has been developed with hydraulic opening doors to enclose the platform mast. Rigging will be connected, via hydraulic shackles to the suction cans at the bottom part of the foundation. The structure will then be lifted from the quayside into the hooks of the HLV Rambiz and transported to the installation site.

Upon arrival on-site, HLV Rambiz will moor in the correct position and orientation. The complete platform will be lowered until the suction cans reach the seabed. Scaldis has subcontracted SPT to execute the actual suction operations.

By reducing the pressure in the voids inside the suction cans, the suction cans will penetrate the seabed until they have reached the target depth of 10 metres. This methodology is fast, efficient and environmentally friendly. Upon completion of the section operation, the platform inclination will be verified.

The rigging connection will then be disconnected, the hydraulic spreader bar door opened and released from the structure.