Fauzia and Elettra Jackets Installation

Market: Oil and Gas
Scope of Work: Fauzia and Elettra jackets installation
Location: North Adriatic Sea
Client: Saipem
Period: February - March 2014
HLV: Rambiz

Scaldis successfully installed the jackets for the gas platforms Elettra and Fauzia located in the Adriatic Sea.

The tripod jackets, each between 700 and 800tonnes, were fabricated in Italy and transported via barges to the offshore site.

The Elettra jacket was installed in Croatian waters at a water depth of nearly 80m. Later the Fauzia jacket was installed in Italian waters at a water depth of 67m.

Each jacket was lifted from the barge by HLV Rambiz and lowered into the water in a horizontal floating position. With assistance of divers and ROV the jacket legs were submerged and the jacket was upended by the Rambiz cranes and set in position.

The foundation piles, all between 60 and 67m, were lifted into the sleeves and piled to target depth. Grout was installed with the assistance of HLV Rambiz.