Cooling water intake and outfall head installation for Hinkley Point C

Market: Heavy Lift
Scope of Work: Cooling water intake and outfall head installation for Hinkley Point C
Location: Bristol Channel, United Kingdom
Client: NewWaves Solutions Limited
Period: July and August 2022
HLV: Gulliver and Rambiz

Scaldis is proud to have safely and successfully concluded the installation of 6 water intake and -outlets for the Hinkley Point C Project on behalf of NewWaves Solutions, Balfour Beatty and Nuclear New Build.

An impressive total weight of 26000 tons was installed by Scaldis at the seabed within tolerances of centimetres in challenging tidal conditions of the Bristol Channel. In order to achieve this, Scaldis had mobilized its two Heavy Lift Vessels “Gulliver” and “Rambiz” in an unique dual lift set-up.

A thorough preparation phase and a highly motived crew and staff has resulted in an on-time delivery of the project. Once more, Scaldis confirms its position as one of the leading heavy lift contractors for both offshore and civil works.

Scaldis Scope

3D simulation exercise of barge approach, mooring and head lifting.

Real scale trial lift in 2022.

Gulliver and Rambiz mooring system upgrade and installation of additional winches and anchors.

Mobilisation of vessel spread to Bristol Channel.

Installation of 2 outfall heads weighing 2700t.

Installation of 4 intake heads weighing 4800t.