Lock Gate 1 removal from the Pierre Vandamme lock

Market: Civil Construction
Scope of Work: Lock Gate 1 removal from the Pierre Vandamme lock
Location: Zeebruges, Belgium
Client: Jan De Nul
Period: 25th May 2020
HLV: Gulliver

The Pierre Vandamme lock is located in the port of Zeebruges. This lock complex is the connection between the inner harbour and Belgian coast. The Pierre Vandamme lock consists of four lock gates and four bridges.
In 2018 Scaldis was contracted to remove lock gate 4 from the lock complex and a year later to install the lock gate back into its original position with its HLV Rambiz.
Because of the success of these both lifting phases, Scaldis was contracted again, this time to do a similar operation with lock gate 1.
Only this time HLV Gulliver is used to do the heavy lift tasks.
In May 2020, HLV Gulliver executed the first phase of the lifting operations and removed lock gate 1 from the Pierre Vandamme lock. And again the complete operation went flawlessly.
Lock Gate 1 was slightly heavier than its almost identical twin door 1, weighing approximately 2700T.

Scaldis Scope

Pre-installation of the rigging arrangement in HLV hooks
Positioning HLV in Vandamme lock
Connecting HLV rigging arrangement to Lock Gate 1 lifting points
Lifting Lock Gate 1 out of the lock complex
Transport of Lock Gate 1 in the hooks of HLV Gulliver to the drop off quay
Positioning Lock Gate 1 on SPMT’s
Disconnection of HLV rigging arrangement