Lifting OSS Albatros Topside

Market: Civil Construction 
Scope of Work: Lifting OSS Albatros topside
Location: Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Client: Innovation Shipping BV
Period: March 2019
HLV: Gulliver 

In the frame of the development of the Hohe-See & Albatros offshore wind farms, Client was responsible for the transport & installation of the OSS Albatros topside. Topside was transported to offshore site on board of the jack-up vessel Pacific Osprey. Scaldis was appointed to transfer the topside from a cargo barge on to Pacific Osprey’s deck.

Scaldis Scope

Scaldis scope encompassed the inshore lift and transport of the OSS Albatros topside. Topside was transported on a cargo barge by Client and delivered at Access world Terminal in Rotterdam. HLV Gulliver lifted the topside off the cargo barge. Subsequently, it was transported in hooks towards the Pacific Osprey’s location (Franklin Offshore Terminal) where ultimately the structure was set down.