Lifting Luffing Frame and Crane Boom onto Pioneering Spirit

Market: Civil Construction 
Scope of Work: Lifting luffing frame and crane boom onto Pioneering Spirit
Location: Kristiansand, Norway
Client: Societé d’Exploitation du Pioneering Spirit
Period: March 2019
HLV: Rambiz

Scaldis has been contracted to do the lifting operation allowing Client to finalize the construction of a 5000 tonnes crane at port side aft on their new build ship: “Pioneering Spirit”.

Scaldis Scope

1) Design & engineer the rigging configurations.
2) Provide all necessary rigging equipment.
3) Lifting the Luffing Frame, with total mass of 425mt, from Client multipurpose offshore construction vessel and position it to the slewing part of the 5000 tonnes crane foundation.
4) Lifting the 5000 tonnes crane boom, with total mass of 934mt, from the transport barge and position it on the crane boom support and axle points.