Discharge a Casco (Vinotra) from a Transport Vessel

Market:  Civil Construction 
Scope of work: Discharge a Casco (Vinotra) from a transport vessel
Location:  Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Client: Bonn & Drijvende Bokken BV
Period: April 2019
HLV: Gulliver

Scaldis was contacted by Bonn & Mees to provide heavy lift assistance. The heavy load cargo ship: Da Ji, chartered by: NEPA SHIPPING, needed to be discharged and launched from the tanker casco: Vinotra. Total weight of the Vinotra was calculated at 2590 tonnes. Although Gulliver had more than sufficient capacity to handle the load, the lift needed to be executed by two heavy lift vessels for load spreading purposes. In a duo heavy lift vessel configuration, the Matador 3 needed to carry ±200 tonnes, the remaining 2390 tonnes has been carried by the Gulliver.

Scaldis Scope

Prepare the heavy lift vessel Gulliver including rigging calculations and configuration. Rigging connected to the Gulliver cranes have also been delivered by Scaldis. This consisted from: slings Ø115mm with the correct length, 300 tonnes shackles and 400 tonnes hydraulic shackles.