Lift Knuckle Boom Crane onto the Multi Purpose Vessel Living Stone

Market: Civil Construction 
Scope of Work: Load-out, shift and position 85T knuckle boom crane
Location: Vlissingen, The Netherlands
Client: Tideway BV
Period: October 2018
HLV: Gulliver

Tideway’s DP2 vessel “Living Stone” needs an additional Knuckle boom crane due to her transformation from a stone dumping vessel to a cable laying vessel.
The Knuckle boom crane has a capacity of 85 tonnes and is weighing 250 tonnes. It arrived from the Huisman
construction yard, Schiedam, on a transport pontoon at Vlissingen.

Scaldis Scope

Lift-off the Knuckle boom crane from the transport pontoon.
Shift the Knuckle boom crane from the lift-off area to the Living Stone.
Position the Knuckle boom crane at it’s pedestal and keep the load in the crane hooks until all bolts were installed and hand-tightened.