Lifting Pierre Vandamme Lock Gate

Market: Civil Construction 
Scope of work: Lifting lock door out of lock complex and position on quay
Location: Zeebruges (Belgium)
Client:  THV AO Soetaers – Jan de Nul NV
Period:  22 March 2018
HLV:  Rambiz

The Pierre Vandammelock is located in the Harbor of Zeebruges. The Lock is the connection between the aft harbor and the sea. The Pierre Vandammeslock complex consist of 4 lockdoors and 4 brigdes.

The HLV Rambiz has lifted the 4the lock door (1st lock from seaside) and transported in her hooks to the after harbor. In the after harbor lock was positioned on SPMT’s.

Principle dimension of the lock:

Length: 66,48m
Width: 10,22m
Height: 25,13m
Weight: 2523 ton

Scaldis Scope

The pre installation of the rigging
Positioning the HLV in front of the Lock
Connecting HLV hooks to rigging
Lifting lockdoor out of the lock complex
Transport lockdoor in the hooks to the quay and passing the 2 bridge
Positing lockdoor on SPMT’s
Disconnect HLV hooks from rigging