Unloading of Floatation Tanks

Market: Civil Constructions
Scope of Work: Unloading of floatation tanks
Location: Vlissingen, The Netherlands
Client: Hoondert Services & Decommissioning BV
Period: August 2018
HLV: Gulliver

2 floatation tanks used for the offshore upending of a jacket structure, required offloading from a transport barge to a quay.

Scaldis Scope

Offloading of 2 floatation tanks for Hoondert Services & Decommissioning in Vlissingen. The 2 units were lifted from barge H-591 in the Van Cittershaven and transported in the hooks to the Hoondert premises in the Kalloothaven, where they were offloaded onto the quay for scrapping.