Flinterstar's Aft Section successfully removed

Market: Salvage
Scope of Work: Salvage of M/V Flinterstar 
Location: Zeebruges, Belgium
Client: Flinterstar III BV
Period: August 2016
HLV: Rambiz

The recent removal of Flinterstar’s aft section marks the successful completion of the offshore salvage works of the M/V Flinterstar. This project was undertaken in a difficult environment due to the proximity of one of the world’s busiest traffic lanes and strong currents that impeded underwater works. Even so, this salvage project was realised well ahead of deadline, namely the upcoming winter storm season.

The approach for lifting the aft wreck section, which weighed more than 3000 tonnes, was similar to the raising of the forward section: chains were pulled underneath the wreck section, connected to the upper rigging in the Rambiz’ hooks before the combination was raised and placed on a submersible barge for the final lifting stage. The Port of Zeebrugge was an ideal sheltered location for the final phase of the salvage operation.

Given the collision is still subject to a court investigation, this project was executed in close cooperation with, and witnessed by, several federal and local authorities, all of which required tight project management and communication. Furthermore, care was taken to prevent and control the outflow of oil during the salvage operations, with two standby oil skim vessels and additional oil spill barriers available and in use during operations in port.

Scaldis SMC appreciates the full commitment of all involved stakeholders, and believes their dedication was a key factor in the success of this project.

Scaldis SMC is proud to have carried out this salvage operation within the agreed timeframe and budget, again proving itself to be a reliable salvage contractor.