Salvage of the Vessel Rokia Delmas

Market: Salvage
Scope of Work: Salvage of Rokia Delmas 
Location: La Rochelle, France
Client: Delmas
Period: April - July 2007
HLV: Rambiz

In 2007 Scaldis received the contract to remove the wreck of the Ro-Ro vessel Rokia Delmas. This project was executed in a joint venture where Scaldis provide the HLV equipment. The Rokia Delmas was stranded on the coast of Ile de RĂ© following a black out of its main engine. The most important task was to avoid any pollution from the wreck reaching local beaches.

The HLV Rambiz together with auxilary equipment cut the Rokia Delmas in several sections, using hydraulic scissors. The sections were then removed using slings and shackles connected to pre-installed bollards. The heaviest section was the engine room. To lift this section the main engine was removed first and the remaining 2800 ton section was lifted with belly chain rigging. For the smaller sections a large grab was used.