HLV Rambiz to lift Stinger Transition Frame (STF) at Flushing from the barge Bumblebee to the quay

Thursday 24th of March Scaldis executed the first of two Heavy Lift operations for Allseas with “HLV Rambiz”. The operation took place in the Westhofhaven in Vlissingen (NL) and comprised the relocation of the Stinger Transition Frame from its dedicated transport & storage barge “Bumblebee” to the quay. This Stinger Transition Frame (STF) is an interface structure for connecting a Stinger to Allseas’s “Pioneering Spirit” when equipped for pipelaying activities. The STF, weighing more than 1600 tons, appeared to be a challenging object to be lifted due to weight, STF inclination and overall dimensions (large parts sticking out). The result was a complex rigging including 1 main spreader, 2 subspreaders, 44 shackles and 20 slings (most of them unique in length). Lead time for this project was roughly three weeks but Scaldis proved to handle this challenging heavy lift job successfully in limited time.

Second phase of this project will consist of placing the STF on the “Bumblebee” again, next to the actual Stinger which will be loaded on the barge in the meantime by Allseas.

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